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What is computer equipment maintenance?

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Computer desktop and laptop maintenance involves more than simple steps to improve the appearance of your computer hardware. Maintaining computers and laptops indoors is primarily about improving the performance of the computer equipment.

Regular cleaning of the interior of desktops and laptops allows you to keep the heat dissipating elements in good condition, for example, the processor or graphics card. Removing solids, including sediment, keeps the vents in the required condition. Open vents are necessary to dissipate heat from computer components inside the computer and prevent overheating of computers and laptops. Read about the IT Equipment Liquidation.

How many types of maintenance are there in computing?

Depending on the time it is executed and the planning of it, maintenance in this type of equipment can be preventive or corrective, both being necessary, every company or person must know how to combine both elements.

Although it is assumed that preventive maintenance can cancel out the need for corrective maintenance, the useful life of the components and other elements can lead to the need to perform both.

What is the difference between preventive and corrective maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is not due to any equipment failure. In the case of companies this type of maintenance is even agreed in a quarterly, half-yearly or annual schedule for the company’s equipment.

This type of maintenance is performed while the equipment is operational, unlike corrective maintenance which is used when the equipment or installation has stopped working due to damage and must be repaired before it can be restored.

This type of maintenance is carried out by manufacturers’ recommendations after a certain period of use, according to the rules of legal use, or by inspection by technical experts. Avoiding maintenance of any type of tool is essential for it to work well and extend its life.

Corrective maintenance is born from some relevant failure in the equipment. This forces to take emergency measures and occasionally even to replace hardware components. When a failure or malfunction is detected, it is corrected by replacing parts or repairing by cleaning or replacing components.

What are the types of preventive maintenance?

Scheduled Maintenance

This type of maintenance is planned and budgeted as equipment inspections are carried out or inspections are performed according to time parameters, operating hours, mileage, consumption, among other factors.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance determines when a repair should be performed according to the recommendations of the manufacturer or specialist/advisor. This maintenance can be categorized as preventive, but it has some key differences: predictive maintenance is performed according to the health of the equipment, monitoring and scheduling the maintenance of these resulting readings.

Opportunity Maintenance

Normally, this is done when a large or indispensable device is removed for this purpose. It is relatively common in large installations.